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Our Mission:


To provide individuals & families with the investment opportunities they need to ensure solid returns both for the present & the future.

Who We Are:

Integrity Funding Group, LLC, Integrity Funding Group, LLC, is one of the fastest-growing private-lending/equity investor companies in the Midwest. The firm’s management team members have funded more than $5 million worth of real estate investment deals, with several multi-unit residential buildings under negotiation. Integrity Funding Group prides itself on structuring deals that benefit all stakeholders. The IFG mission: To provide individuals and families with the solid returns they need—both now and in the future. 



Ready to learn more about investment opportunities with Integrity Funding Group? Fill out the form on the Contact Us page, and then sign up for one of IFG’s regularly scheduled informational meetings. E-mail IFG at You can also call 708-570-4914. Your future could depend on it. 













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